How in-app purchase is optimized using user behavioral attribute

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Using smart-phones has grown at an exponential speed across today’s planet. Mobile applications have turned into a vital portion of cellular apparatus. The vast majority of all the people of this planet is using numerous mobile apps because of his/her everyday purposes; mobile app development can be regarded as a very critical procedure.


The main aim of almost any application will be to give users a remedy to a challenge they jointly face. With a proper comprehension of how user behaviour is different according to OSs, it’ll not be easy for one to construct a mobile application which addresses the particular requirements of your intended audience. To have the ability to come up with such winning apps, programmers and entrepreneurs need to understand user behaviour analytics, and also the info gathered out of it to optimise in-app purchase.


Significance of User Behaviour in in-app monetization strategy

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Users’ behavior and personality traits play a very important role in developing a mobile application that attracts and keeps users. It also helps in app optimization One method of differentiating these factors is by simply assessing the users’ choice of their Smartphone. The option of the platform among the two big players, namely, both iOS and Android which can be very different in several ways, talks a great deal about users’ specific interests and behaviours. This choice indicates essential factors such as whether users are worried about pricing, even whether they take interest in downloading when they are ready to pay for a selling cost for the program, whether they are loyal to a particular brand or maybe not.


In short, the more the developer can develop an app that meets the requirement of the users it increases the chances of in-app purchases.


User Behaviour Factors That helps optimizing in-app purchase

Users’ preferences and behaviour are representative of their idea about the mobile device as well as applications. By conducting user behavior analytics in an expert manner, programmers and mobile app development businesses may arrive at the right decision about picking their app development platform.


User Preference

While creating a mobile application, entrepreneurs, program developers will need to take into account and comprehend certainly the choices and interests of users. This must be noted that iOS and also Android need to get properly used for targeting completely distinct kinds of users. While iOS is for users that are able to spend money readily to purchase programs, Android is meant to get people who are in the lower-middle-income team. When acquiring a consumer base can be your own schedule, you want to opt for Android while to get revenue creation, iOS is your better option.


The Role Played by Device Capabilities

Smartphone users view their own apparatus in an exclusive way. The gap between operating systems has an immediate bearing on the person encounter. That really is 1 variable that affects the selection of a specific OS from users. Apple’s iOS 14 has strict regulations for push notifications, an interval for system upgrades, and program admissions. In the instance of all Android, the entry of programs could possibly be performed publicly and in a customizable way.


User’s Spending Tendency

Even though the large gap in user spends between Android along with iOS users is seen to become smaller, iPhone users ‘ are still earning more purchases when put next to Android users. While iOS provides opportunities for earning revenue through paid programs, Android programs have emerged to draw revenue from mobile advertisements.


App Engagement and Retention

Some of the vital things which affect the accomplishment of the cell program is considering the program retention and engagement whilst intending to construct the program. It’s common that iOS users are somewhat more inclined to participate with programs plus in addition they often have higher retention. Android users being maybe perhaps not therefore consistent with program participation, programmers need to manage the process to build programs that enhance retention speed.


User Demographics

It’s well-known that Android has more market share than iOS. Fantastic consumer experience under cheap prices is your principal grounds behind this. Clients’ preferences and spending habits play a very important part in deciding which stage to generate use of. Location and income are a couple of key aspects that have to be viewed while establishing a mobile app.



Just a quick fact, developer use their app user behavior & app engagement very carefully for placing mobile ads within the app be it on home screen pop-up, in-game pause menu pre-load or post-load ads, between game rolling ads, etc. App developer knows when their users are most engaged in the game or app & they used this analytical data to show ads to their users.

With time user behavior will play a very important for developers. So, that they can make a quality advertisement strategy for app monetization. As app security in terms of OS, app stores or app developers will increase, They will find new ways to blossom their revenue generation strategy from app users.

Since we already told in our previous blogs ‘DATA IS THE NEW OIL

developers need to keep an eye on user data so that they can develop the app which meets the targeted requirements of the intended audience.