LinkedIn Stories new way to promote B2B social media marketing

Linkedin Stories

LinkedIn requires no introduction for B2B marketers that almost live there nowadays. The website continues to move from strength to strength and has 90 million LinkedIn users that are senior-level influencers. Indeed, LinkedIn provides a substantial chance to achieve different hard-to-access decision-makers.

This season, over 500 million people will observe an Instagram Story daily, and more than one-third of these videos have been business-related. Unsurprisingly, LinkedIn declared earlier this year that it is analyzing a similar feature named LinkedIn Stories.

Now finally, LinkedIn Stories are here, and the first thing you might be thinking is, “How do I use these to grow my B2B company. “

This guide shows you how to use LinkedIn Stories and share tactics you can start implementing today.

What Are LinkedIn Stories?

Since we live in the”era of sharing,” and the more you talk about, the larger the brand becomes.  

Suppose you have ever produced a story on Instagram, Facebook, or even Snapchat. In that case, LinkedIn Stories function in almost the identical manner. You create a video of around 20 seconds. As soon as you upload it, the story is available for individuals to watch for 24 hours, and then it goes off.

So, why LinkedIn Story? Why is it that I think LinkedIn is beginning to roll something out so casual onto a stage aimed towards networking and digital resumes?

The arrangement can help kickstart discussions and nurture the connections which are core to everything that occurs on LinkedIn.  

Users may post as numerous Stories since they like, which makes it simple to rapidly jump in, listing a fast update with everything you are doing. Then allow your relations to look it over.

How to Create LinkedIn Stories?

How to create linkedin Story

Making LinkedIn Stories is simple. It functions just like every other platform.

You will enter your LinkedIn app and click on the”post” button at the bottom. As soon as you do so, you will see a brand new button labeled, “discuss a story.”

When you click it, you’re going to be able to capture a video or have an image and personalize it to your liking.

The story uploads, and after it is done, you are going to discover it at the very top of your LinkedIn house with most of the stories from your connections. It is an excellent way to place your name at the very top of everyone’s page.

Keep in mind the LinkedIn Stories are only available on the mobile app. You can not make or see them from your desktop.

Ways to Incorporate LinkedIn Stories into Your Marketing Strategy 

Much like the debut of Instagram Stories, LinkedIn Stories offers an enormous opportunity to make a more powerful, more personable dialog with your audience.

But before jumping straight into your LinkedIn Stories content strategy, it’s worth considering whom you’re talking to and why you need to catch their attention.

Understanding the audience you’re talking to, what they are interested in, and what you need to achieve will help to shape your content strategy and keep you on track for achievement!

Therefore with this in mind, here are ways to utilize LinkedIn Stories in your marketing plan:

Pull Back the Curtain

One of the most effective strategies to create attention for your business is to show folks what’s happening behind the scenes.

Show your network; there is a personality behind the company enterprise. This helps develop a more private experience. If people see you’re more than just a”brand,” you’ll build the trust that’s so necessary when attempting to find someone to conduct business with you.

Taking this further, you can use this approach to provide your connections with some insight into your procedure.

For example, If you are manufacturing chocolates, then show them how hygenic you are producing it, which makes you different from other manufacturers. 

Invite Thought Leaders to Offer Professional Tips

LinkedIn is a massive platform for skilled thought direction, and this brand new”snackable” format is a superb way to showcase your in-house understanding of enjoyably and engagingly.

Whether it’s resume information in the HR group, a fast firm recap, or innovative layout pointers, sharing useful hints is a sure-fire method to catch your viewer’s interest.

Increase Engagement With LinkedIn Stories

Stories on LinkedIn provide the most critical opportunity for engagement. On Instagram, as much as 25% of users swipe branded stories.

 Now we’re taking this identical thought process but shifting it to a platform entirely devoted to business websites. There’s a lot of power here.

Remember that, though your stories may not result in a direct sale, you are generating awareness around you and your own brand.

LinkedIn allows you to participate with the folks that you want to talk to for entry to fresh opportunities directly. 

By way of instance, let us say the Director of Marketing at a provider posts a story in their SEO plan, and you are interested in working together. Here’s your opportunity to directly reply to this story with some tips and ideas you’ve used on your own business.

Remember that you may find a generic response to something like this, but you are raising the individual’s chances of checking out your own profile to see what you do. 

If you’re busy on LinkedIn and your profile is nicely optimized, then you just might find a message in your email address.

Host a Corporate Q&A

Exactly like Instagram Stories, LinkedIn Stories provide a fantastic way to demonstrate a more human and accurate side to a brand on societal.

Renting a Q&A on tales will exhibit the people behind your brand, which is an excellent way to share your brand narrative and help build new awareness. 

To collect questions for your Q&A, encourage your audience to submit them in advance. This could either be through direct messages or a traditional LinkedIn feed article. 

Share Brand Announcements and Product News

If you are among the first few brands using LinkedIn Stories, the chances are you’ll be gaining a massive number of additional airtime with your audience on LinkedIn.

Keeping that in mind, it might be a great idea to apply this new platform to discuss all your significant brand upgrades – even if you’ve got a feed article about them too.

Whether you’re sharing job opportunities or a product launching, capitalizing on this new channel to reach your entire audience is undoubtedly a great move!


LinkedIn Stories is a great initiative to increase engagement in the B2B world.

 It will help the brands to grab the attention of the connections, to show the connections the unique factor behind the business, to ask the Q&A from your connection, and to share new announcements.

Also, businesses do not need to be perfect to post something because it will stay only for 24 hours. In the era of sharing, this initiative will help the businesses to share more content easily without being formally presentable.

If you become an early adopter, LinkedIn stories offer a unique chance to jump ahead of the competition and get your content in front of your target audience first.